Sports and spairtime...

Guys could especially be categorized into 2 sports; the hockey gays (hockey bögar) and the football geeks (fotbolls nördar).

Almost every guy have attended at least one of those sports for some time. Of course there are exceptions too.
-(eg.) The ones whom in a early age got stuck on WoW etc.


For girls on the other hand, hockey isn't a common sport to play, even though it's a huge thing in our society.

Since sweden is a country which aims at getting equal between the gender, we've solved this problem by getting horses. For the non-hockey(or football)-playing girls.


What else is there to do in the spare time?

I've got no clue. The most common thing is to just hangout somewhere.


We've got a lot of youth houses (ungdomsgårdar), where young people just waits for something to do.


I myself used to hang in performance facilities where (mostly) local bands had their gigs.


The ones who actually got patiens have a tendency to use all their time to learn something and gain some heavy skills. Like playing guitar,
..or painting toenails.


A long entry about (mostly) "melodifestivalen"..

Non-celebrity celebrities.


In sweden we've got a lot of them. The non-celebrity celebrities. People who are famous, even though you've got no clue of what the hell they're doing in your television. Like Dolph Lundgren. Who the hell is Dolph Lundgren?!


I thought they brought the wrong guy in to host our melodifestival.

It's one of the things you cant miss in Sweden, our contest about who gets to go to the Eurovision song contest.

-Something that will keep on haunting you through 6 month or so, even though you might not give a damn.


Anyway, since it is such a huge thing in sweden with its enormous “no-music-interested”-audiences, it's quite disturbing to know that the only 3 hosts this year is;

a no-gifted comedian,

a lame “lack-of-personality”-singer and then of course the mysterious Dolph lundgren. And this is considered to probably be the most followed thing on tv through out the whole year!

..accept for Donald duck on christmas eve, (1500 o'clock 24/12 every single year, -Swedes and their traditions)

and they still cant dig out good hostes. This Dudes and dudettes is what we like to call Sweden. A host-less country.



The melodifestival is a kval-tävling wich goes on for about ten weeks.. or hundred. Its impossible to see the end of that tunnel.


Melodifestivalen.. also used to be called schlagerfestvalen.


(Schlager -A very swedish musicstyle, suited for people who never takes time to listen to real music.)


But still, who is dolph?

..Lets pretend he's a skier. :)

 Could this be Dolph? x)

A typical swedish shopping behaviour...

When you're going out for a typical shopping trip, to get some groceries, it's a standard procedure to always forget something.
So, If the only thing you need is milk, you will get home with at least 2 shopping bags.

-But without the milk.

 You will also go through the whole store at least twice, since you are in such a hurry to get out that
you missed to get the milk (lets say that you remembered it this time).

Why the hurry?
Because it's people every were and, as a Swede, your survival instinct will tell you to get your food fast.
-Before anyone else will take it.
     It's like a sport. And you wouldn't want to get stuck, while a bunch of old peoples will stand with their big empty shopping carts, in your way to the bread.

 And then there is the risk of meeting someone that you doesn't want to stay for a chat with.


But the greatest and most common thing of all is the fact that NO Swede will take the product that stands in the front. If you, for example, would take a jar of jam, you'll grab one that is in the bottom or further in. NEVER the one you will see at the first sight. NEVER.
-At least not as a swede.


Some SwediSh wordS.. (food-words)

Smörgåsbord, in Sweden we love food, therefore we cook a lot of different foods, cold and warm,
and serve all at one large table. For everyone to take.
-Why this is called a smörgåsbord (smorgasbord) I have no idea. But we sweds love our smörgåsar (sandwiches) and perhaps we just named it thereafter..

Tårta (almost cake) - in our language we've got seperated words for a lot of pastries. It's in the english language to, but since this is holy words i thought it a good idea to put it out in the world.

We have the
kakor; a hard sweet bred, crunchy stuff. (cockies)
Bullar; a sweet bread often in the form of kanelbullar. (buns)
and then there is the holyness of all and my standing point for this entry:

Tårta ; a layer-to-layer cake, often used as a birthdaycake. Or smörgåstårta – a layer-on-layer smörgås (sandwich). A more “healthy” piece of cake
-according to old folks..

just a proof of our love for pastaries, we have diffrent "cake-days" :D like for example; kanelbullens-dag ("cinnamon bun-day") throughout the year

love it!

Travelling in sweden..

I've travelled a lot through Sweden, however I've never been in the northernmost north or southernmost south. So that's my travelling-in-Sweden goal for myself.

Sweden is a, sort of, calm country. If you want to visit a town, for the city life, I'll strongly advice you to go to Gothenburg, not Stockholm. Stockholm is however a bit cosier town to walk around in.
And as a huge on-the-road-fan I'll recommend to take some time on the Swedish roads, rent a car.

There is a lot of different festivals on the summer, look it up and you'll probably find some intresting and fun event.

One more thing to visit is the small island Gottland, you'll love it.

And do not forget to go to the region called “dalarna” in order to buy a real Swedish “dalahäst”. (it's a wooden horse hardcore-hand-painted in a weird style, really swedish I'm telling you..)
-without it your trip would be a waste!

-And eat knäckebröd. The driest bread ever invented by mankind. It rocks!

..or you will find that it's like eating rocks.
It's up to you.

The Swedish school system, education act pt.2

 -The school system is made up by a bunch of old blokes whom totally forgotten what it's like in school.

If you've got the privilege to survive those 9 years of compulsory school, you're up to make the biggest choice of your life. You'll decide in what field your studies will lie in for three years.

You chose in which direction your life is about to take, do you want to work with people or vehicles, have a good education or a fun education, do you want to study further or gain life experience.
It's not easy, chances are that you'll feel like your rolling a dice between death and life. While you're 16 you are not supposed to know what to do in the future, but you'll have to.
A lot of people change direction after some time. So if you've made the wrong decision you'll have an oppoturnity to start something else. This might however take some of your precious time.

Now, you're taken at least 12 years looked inside school, and a lot of people (I don't know why, because why make it worse? I don't get it.) then decides to study more!

The whole education until that stage is free, and mostly compulsory.. while the next stage is a bit more expensive, you'll pay for all material etc. And often you'll have to move (or want to move anyway).

The bright side:
your chances of being attractive on the labor market might increase.

The reality side:
You'll probably end up with debts so enormous that it will take the rest of your life to pay it back.

-..and then you'll die.

The Swedish school system, education act pt.1

By swedish law every kid is forced to spend at least 9 years of their lives in school.

It starts early, you attend first grade while you're seven years old (some exceptions are made, when the parents wants their child to start a year earlier).
    Since kids in that age are very easy to trick, while all they want is to grow up fast as hell, this isn't any issue. however they will pretty soon realize that the school is the most devilish,evil,dark force in the world...
-..In which the biggest part of your childhood is brutaly taken away.
[update] Forgot to mention the preschool thing! But now it is mentioned. :)

A nice thing about Swedish schools is that like 99% of them serves lunch :D
..the less nicer part is that in most cases the lunch is disgusting and all kids hate it.
I especially remember those days, those bloody Tuesdays, when the kitchen decided that fish was equal to something good. Every bloody Tuesday..

I hate fish. Always have and always will. May it be cursed! Mohahaha!

The worse part was that in the lower classes you warrant allowed to take your own food, it was an evil kitchen lady who did that for us. and if she'd ever saw you throwing it away she got furious! She once got so mad that when our teacher found out she went straight to the kitchen lady and had a huge argue.
    In 1st to 6th grade each class had just one teacher, which a think is great. A lot happens around the school and it's nice to have someone whom really knows their pupils.
-and ofcourse, someone whom can take up a fight against the kitchen ladies.

 I'll write another contribution later on about what happens after these 9 years. ;) in order to not bore you out completely.

Jante lagen..

To be exactly-like-everyone-else is about as Swedish you can get .
Sweds are a population which, stereotypically, aim to be as mainstream as possible. In fact, it is so Swedish that it would be against the law to be something else.

..The famous so called Jante law.

Basically it's about how you, in NO way, should believe that you're more than someone else. You're neither better, more important nor smarter than your neighbour.

But if you're thinking of breaking the law, I'll congrat you.

Perhaps you'll become more loved and fancied than everyone else.
...But it is also likely that people will hate your guts, - and dig out your heart with a teaspoon made in wood.

still, it just... might be worth it.

That's how the swedish law system is built. :)
By a Dane.

The Swedish Timesystem..

The Swedish time system is very accurate. Every clock in the country must show the same time.

If you want to know the time you could call a lady, whom only work in telling what time it is, miss watch (fröken ur). I'm telling you, Swedish people are crazy about time.

There is nothing Swedish people repulse more than someone being late.
People are terrified of being late. If you know that you will be late, then you will most likely, as a swed (perhaps by the wisest decision), think of not showing up at all.  - you could say that it is a bit like a phobia..

The result of this mania is that people tend to turn their clock forward in order to gain some time.
..But in reality this wont help as the time does not concern about how much more time you'll need to spend on your hair. It's the same time no matter what! - But don't say that I said so.

Sweden is a time consuming country in which it is hard finding time for anything at all. We got sort of a shortage of time over here. Just as Australia had a shortage of nurses. Tomatoe potatoe.

While you think it all seems pretty clear, I can tell you its not. Since one of the most famous saying is “fine folk arrives late”..

Just realized..

My blog has lost its virginity..! :O :D

My first words...

Okej, so my blog isn't really finished yet. But in order to calm my teacher, I figured I should show of my progress.
I'm starting to get quite pleased with the layout.
However I recently heard  that the look will depend on things such as the web reader.

For this "project"-blog I hope that I wont have to wright boring stuff.
The project itself, which is to be called "project Sweden",  is completely all about sweden. Traditions, facts and the typical scandinavian behavior.

Today it's friday, therefore I thought I should share the perhaps best Swedish sweetness you could find.


Perhaps I'll write something good Swedish-ish tomorrow :)

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