A long entry about (mostly) "melodifestivalen"..

Non-celebrity celebrities.


In sweden we've got a lot of them. The non-celebrity celebrities. People who are famous, even though you've got no clue of what the hell they're doing in your television. Like Dolph Lundgren. Who the hell is Dolph Lundgren?!


I thought they brought the wrong guy in to host our melodifestival.

It's one of the things you cant miss in Sweden, our contest about who gets to go to the Eurovision song contest.

-Something that will keep on haunting you through 6 month or so, even though you might not give a damn.


Anyway, since it is such a huge thing in sweden with its enormous “no-music-interested”-audiences, it's quite disturbing to know that the only 3 hosts this year is;

a no-gifted comedian,

a lame “lack-of-personality”-singer and then of course the mysterious Dolph lundgren. And this is considered to probably be the most followed thing on tv through out the whole year!

..accept for Donald duck on christmas eve, (1500 o'clock 24/12 every single year, -Swedes and their traditions)

and they still cant dig out good hostes. This Dudes and dudettes is what we like to call Sweden. A host-less country.



The melodifestival is a kval-tävling wich goes on for about ten weeks.. or hundred. Its impossible to see the end of that tunnel.


Melodifestivalen.. also used to be called schlagerfestvalen.


(Schlager -A very swedish musicstyle, suited for people who never takes time to listen to real music.)


But still, who is dolph?

..Lets pretend he's a skier. :)

 Could this be Dolph? x)


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