A typical swedish shopping behaviour...

When you're going out for a typical shopping trip, to get some groceries, it's a standard procedure to always forget something.
So, If the only thing you need is milk, you will get home with at least 2 shopping bags.

-But without the milk.

 You will also go through the whole store at least twice, since you are in such a hurry to get out that
you missed to get the milk (lets say that you remembered it this time).

Why the hurry?
Because it's people every were and, as a Swede, your survival instinct will tell you to get your food fast.
-Before anyone else will take it.
     It's like a sport. And you wouldn't want to get stuck, while a bunch of old peoples will stand with their big empty shopping carts, in your way to the bread.

 And then there is the risk of meeting someone that you doesn't want to stay for a chat with.


But the greatest and most common thing of all is the fact that NO Swede will take the product that stands in the front. If you, for example, would take a jar of jam, you'll grab one that is in the bottom or further in. NEVER the one you will see at the first sight. NEVER.
-At least not as a swede.



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