Jante lagen..

To be exactly-like-everyone-else is about as Swedish you can get .
Sweds are a population which, stereotypically, aim to be as mainstream as possible. In fact, it is so Swedish that it would be against the law to be something else.

..The famous so called Jante law.

Basically it's about how you, in NO way, should believe that you're more than someone else. You're neither better, more important nor smarter than your neighbour.

But if you're thinking of breaking the law, I'll congrat you.

Perhaps you'll become more loved and fancied than everyone else.
...But it is also likely that people will hate your guts, - and dig out your heart with a teaspoon made in wood.

still, it just... might be worth it.

That's how the swedish law system is built. :)
By a Dane.


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