Some SwediSh wordS.. (food-words)

Smörgåsbord, in Sweden we love food, therefore we cook a lot of different foods, cold and warm,
and serve all at one large table. For everyone to take.
-Why this is called a smörgåsbord (smorgasbord) I have no idea. But we sweds love our smörgåsar (sandwiches) and perhaps we just named it thereafter..

Tårta (almost cake) - in our language we've got seperated words for a lot of pastries. It's in the english language to, but since this is holy words i thought it a good idea to put it out in the world.

We have the
kakor; a hard sweet bred, crunchy stuff. (cockies)
Bullar; a sweet bread often in the form of kanelbullar. (buns)
and then there is the holyness of all and my standing point for this entry:

Tårta ; a layer-to-layer cake, often used as a birthdaycake. Or smörgåstårta – a layer-on-layer smörgås (sandwich). A more “healthy” piece of cake
-according to old folks..

just a proof of our love for pastaries, we have diffrent "cake-days" :D like for example; kanelbullens-dag ("cinnamon bun-day") throughout the year

love it!


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