Sports and spairtime...

Guys could especially be categorized into 2 sports; the hockey gays (hockey bögar) and the football geeks (fotbolls nördar).

Almost every guy have attended at least one of those sports for some time. Of course there are exceptions too.
-(eg.) The ones whom in a early age got stuck on WoW etc.


For girls on the other hand, hockey isn't a common sport to play, even though it's a huge thing in our society.

Since sweden is a country which aims at getting equal between the gender, we've solved this problem by getting horses. For the non-hockey(or football)-playing girls.


What else is there to do in the spare time?

I've got no clue. The most common thing is to just hangout somewhere.


We've got a lot of youth houses (ungdomsgårdar), where young people just waits for something to do.


I myself used to hang in performance facilities where (mostly) local bands had their gigs.


The ones who actually got patiens have a tendency to use all their time to learn something and gain some heavy skills. Like playing guitar,
..or painting toenails.



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