The Swedish school system, education act pt.1

By swedish law every kid is forced to spend at least 9 years of their lives in school.

It starts early, you attend first grade while you're seven years old (some exceptions are made, when the parents wants their child to start a year earlier).
    Since kids in that age are very easy to trick, while all they want is to grow up fast as hell, this isn't any issue. however they will pretty soon realize that the school is the most devilish,evil,dark force in the world...
-..In which the biggest part of your childhood is brutaly taken away.
[update] Forgot to mention the preschool thing! But now it is mentioned. :)

A nice thing about Swedish schools is that like 99% of them serves lunch :D
..the less nicer part is that in most cases the lunch is disgusting and all kids hate it.
I especially remember those days, those bloody Tuesdays, when the kitchen decided that fish was equal to something good. Every bloody Tuesday..

I hate fish. Always have and always will. May it be cursed! Mohahaha!

The worse part was that in the lower classes you warrant allowed to take your own food, it was an evil kitchen lady who did that for us. and if she'd ever saw you throwing it away she got furious! She once got so mad that when our teacher found out she went straight to the kitchen lady and had a huge argue.
    In 1st to 6th grade each class had just one teacher, which a think is great. A lot happens around the school and it's nice to have someone whom really knows their pupils.
-and ofcourse, someone whom can take up a fight against the kitchen ladies.

 I'll write another contribution later on about what happens after these 9 years. ;) in order to not bore you out completely.


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