The Swedish school system, education act pt.2

 -The school system is made up by a bunch of old blokes whom totally forgotten what it's like in school.

If you've got the privilege to survive those 9 years of compulsory school, you're up to make the biggest choice of your life. You'll decide in what field your studies will lie in for three years.

You chose in which direction your life is about to take, do you want to work with people or vehicles, have a good education or a fun education, do you want to study further or gain life experience.
It's not easy, chances are that you'll feel like your rolling a dice between death and life. While you're 16 you are not supposed to know what to do in the future, but you'll have to.
A lot of people change direction after some time. So if you've made the wrong decision you'll have an oppoturnity to start something else. This might however take some of your precious time.

Now, you're taken at least 12 years looked inside school, and a lot of people (I don't know why, because why make it worse? I don't get it.) then decides to study more!

The whole education until that stage is free, and mostly compulsory.. while the next stage is a bit more expensive, you'll pay for all material etc. And often you'll have to move (or want to move anyway).

The bright side:
your chances of being attractive on the labor market might increase.

The reality side:
You'll probably end up with debts so enormous that it will take the rest of your life to pay it back.

-..and then you'll die.


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