The Swedish Timesystem..

The Swedish time system is very accurate. Every clock in the country must show the same time.

If you want to know the time you could call a lady, whom only work in telling what time it is, miss watch (fröken ur). I'm telling you, Swedish people are crazy about time.

There is nothing Swedish people repulse more than someone being late.
People are terrified of being late. If you know that you will be late, then you will most likely, as a swed (perhaps by the wisest decision), think of not showing up at all.  - you could say that it is a bit like a phobia..

The result of this mania is that people tend to turn their clock forward in order to gain some time.
..But in reality this wont help as the time does not concern about how much more time you'll need to spend on your hair. It's the same time no matter what! - But don't say that I said so.

Sweden is a time consuming country in which it is hard finding time for anything at all. We got sort of a shortage of time over here. Just as Australia had a shortage of nurses. Tomatoe potatoe.

While you think it all seems pretty clear, I can tell you its not. Since one of the most famous saying is “fine folk arrives late”..


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