From my point of view, alcohol..

Alcohol is a form of drug. Its Ok as long it's not about alcoholics and unpleasant people. I think alcohol is such huge thing for us swedes since we're such uptight people, we have a issue when it comes to relaxing. You cant blame us for it since we live in this cold, strict country.

-We need help!

On Friday I felt really really ill, and it was a party going on in my corridor. With my bouncing headache I disliked the music they played, whatever it was they played.

-But it wasn't even late and I really didn't care so much for it, UNTIL! Two blonds were screaming outside my window, on the fire stairs. And they were really screaming their lungs out, with their awful voices.

One was going to kill herself, the other one was angry on the first girl and wanted to go back to the party.

The weirdest mess i've ever heard. A bit funny though.

The girl who wanted to go back to the party finally went back and left her friend screaming and crying with someone else consoling her. Next day they all were in peace. Like nothing had happend. Stupid people I say!

-These girls are a good example of what we call fjortisar. People who knows how to dress but not how to behave. A false group of people whom are totally incompetent when it comes to stand up on their own. People who are bitches and saints in one.

stereotypically id say they look like this.


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