Growing up..

There is a lot of stress going on. It's the last year in Gymnasiet and I have no intention to keep on studying. Everyone will go separate ways and then.. we'll die.

It's a huge part of the “growing-up”process I guess, so I came to think of my childhood heroes. :D

We're talking about the most Swedish animals there is!

Let's start with our bear. The strongest bear in the world in fact!

 -Bamse, how come he's the strongest?

- Because he's a junkie. He's addicted to the honey which his grandma provides him with. And without it he's powerless.

Bamse lives in a comic book made for children, but right now I'm thinking about if he really is a good role-model..

a junkie.. grandmas honey..

-HOLY SHIT! I destroyed Bamse for myself with this contribution. Damn!


Oh! Why are the biggest “for-child” characters in Sweden the strongest? We do have Pippi Longstocking too.. and they're both big idols for kids.. -

-Perhaps we secretly wish for our kids to go to war? Or fight often? Kill each other?
Or just being plain obnoxious.


The other one is someone close to my heart.

Grodan Boll, a great character which I admire awfully much. A stupid, friendly creature whom always gets in adventures.


-In one really old grodan boll film, from 1956, he really is a grotesk racist. But he's been doing a great deal of progress since, and now he really is totally awesome :)

-And his racist days are over for forever! 



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