Swedish music (popculture of the YellowAndBlue)

I love to hear new music and artist, just follow the different music waves and guess who will become the next great thing. Therefore I spend a lot of my time searching in all kind of genres to dig out the best of the best.

And not to forget, the best throughout time.


Sometimes, just sometimes, i get to hear some Swedish musician whom spread pride over our small country.


Sooo lets bring up some swedes, right?


Last spring I heard this girl



-Adiam Dymott, and as long as she wont have to follow her real “life-plan” then I would say that even if it just was a brief moment she took on the stage, she can go far. A funny thing is that she'd never dreamt of becoming a musician, it was all a big coincidence.



A huge thing in Sweden, as in everywhere in the world right now, is the so called ”idol”series, some devilry we´ve inherited by the British. -Gosh how blonde we swedes are!

The stupidest idea ever. BUT! For two series ago this kiddo gave it a go. And if anything; she'll leave you speechless.



Anna Bergendalh will also be standing on tomorrows final “schlagerfestival” (something I've mentioned about in a earlier blog entrance) perhaps she'll win.

Perhaps not.

But be so sure! It's not the last time this woman will use her voice.  -That is, if she'll wont be killing all the other rivals with her guitar strings. Oh! Notice how her guitar mysteriously disappears in the video.


PS. I wrote this yesterday so the final music contest part is today. And I thought i should mention more shit, but the entrance is long already, and i don't bloody feel like it. ;P



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