Utkast: Mars 14, 2010

Laying in bed all morning, a very long morning i must ad, reading and studying, i suddenly realized that nothing has been mentioned about films. Even though it's a huge part of todays generation and culture.

In a week I'd say that a “normal” person in my age sees at least 3 films per week.


-This entrance will be added for the sake of humanity!


The best Swedish film Ive seen, must be Den osynlige (The Invisible) from 2002. Fact is that my favorite Swedish actress is in it, Tuva Novotny.



-It  is so good, and brilliant, that the Americans decided to make an terrible (or terriblE -if you'll pardon my French) remake in 2007.



The most famous Swedish movie-series must be Beck. About Martin Beck. A Swedish police with his brutal police-mate, Gunvald who just screams at everyone and beats them up, and becks alcoholic to neighbor called Ingvar.


I would call it the swedes respond to James Bond.


See the likeness..


The only difference between James Bond and Martin Beck is that Bond has a lot of one night stands and Beck.. not.


-and that Beck is old and  Bond old, BUT not so old. And Bond think of himself as a charming fellow.

That Beck needs an sidekick to become more interesting and Bond rather stay single in all matters. Beck has a daughter and Bond nice cars. Bond likes traveling and Beck stays at home, even in the winter. Bond LOVES to dress for all events, even as a smurf, Beck looks the same most days.


But they both has surnames beginning with the letter B!


-Both wont die.




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